The largest unitized system on the market

100 years of experience meets the best-available plasma technology

The accu-kut combines Hypertherm SureCut™ plasma technology with a century of machine-building experience. Built to the highest machine tool standards and made in the USA like all AKS products.


  • Modular, unitized and fully-welded frame design
  • Highest accuracy, rigidity, and stability available
  • Rails are machined in a single setup for greatest precision on the market
  • Machine installation in hours, not days
  • Standard Multi-Zoned Down Draft Table
  • Multiple plasma heads or oxy-fuel torches
  • robo-kut and tube-kut optional
  • Rugged design handles heavy plate loads and aggressive use
  • Removable uni-frame design for quick installation and easy relocation of cutting slats
  • Reduced mass rigid bridge beam for quicker motion response and highest repeatability
  • Increase cutting lengths with table extensions


  • +/- 0.003” per 3’ accuracy of motion
  • 1200 ipm travel speed
  • Cutting thickness up to 8″
  • Standard Lengths: 12’, 24’, 36’, 48’ and 60′
  • No special floor preparation required


  • Hypertherm X-Definition™ XPR
  • Hypertherm Hy-Definition™ HPR
  • Hypertherm straight torch or robo-kut 5-axis bevel
  • Hypertherm Auto Gas Control Console


  • X-axis Dual Synchronized Helical Rack & Pinion Drives
  • Bridge Single Y-axis Helical Rack & Pinion Drive
  • Laser pointer for plate alignment and position finding
  • Magnetic breakaway torch
  • Z-axis Hypertherm Sensor™ Advanced THC
  • Side Clean-Out Doors for Scrap/Slag Removal
  • Rigid, heavy-duty steel frame is the most stable platform available for high precision plasma cutting
  • Guides and rack mounting surfaces are machined in a single set-up for inherent accuracy


  • Hypertherm SureCut™ technology enabled
  • Hypertherm Edge Connect™ CNC Controller
  • Hypertherm ProNest™ Software
  • 19” Color Touch Screen Console
  • CNC Controller Free-Standing at Operator Console

In-line coupled servo motor, precision planetary gearbox and pinion gear with direct loading to gear rack, gives accu-kut ultra low backlash and highest dynamic positioning accuracy.

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This AKS accu-kut and robo-kut 5-axis robotic cutting head, with optional tube-kut rotary CNC tube cutting accessory.

AKS accu-kut removable slag trays.

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What Is SureCut™?

Only AKS Cutting Systems is full-process SureCut™ functional.
Is your plasma cutting system SureCut™?

SureCut™ technology maximizes performance by providing embedded expertise through a combination of tools that includes plasma power supplies, CNC and CAM software.

SureCut™ Benefits

  • Automatically applies optimized cutting parameters, to simplify cutting and reduce operator intervention
  • Easy set up improves job efficiency
  • Provides access to Remote Help™ and troubleshooting which reduces downtime
  • Works across multiple cutting technologies

SureCut™ Hardware Requirements

  • Hypertherm XPR® or HPR® Plasma Power Supply
  • Hypertherm Gas Console Control System (Core, VWI, or OptiMix)
  • Hypertherm Edge Connect™ CNC Controller
  • Hypertherm THC Sensor™ Torch Height Control
  • SureCut™ enabled and True Hole® enabled Cutting Table
  • SureCut™ Software Requirements

    • Hypertherm ProNest™ 2019
    • Advanced Plasma Machine Post Processor (True Hole® requirement)
    • Hypertherm Automatic Nesting
    • ProNest™ Collision Avoidance Module (Rapid Part™ requirement)
    • ProNest™ Annual Software Subscription

    Note: All SureCut™ technologies and benefits are only achievable on SureCut™ enabled and True Hole® enabled cutting tables like the AKS tru-kut Xaccu-kut, and dura-kut.

    The SureCut™ Suite of Tools Includes

    True Hole® True Bevel™ Rapid Part™ Sensor™ THC ProNest 2019™

    accu-kut OPTIONS

    AKS robo-kut

    The most powerful plasma cutting 5-axis bevel head in the industry and is protected by several U.S. Patents. The AKS robo-kut is capable of +/-45 degrees for A, V, K, X, top-Y and bottom-Y style bevel cuts for weld prep applications, countersinks, and chamfers, and also is capable of precision taper compensation or back-beveling.

    The AKS robo-kut can produce a ½” diameter bolt ready hole in 1″ thick steel plate, for a ½ : 1 ratio for hole diameter: thickness. This is superior to competitive machines which are limited to traditional 1 : 1 ratio only.

    The AKS plasma robo-kut incorporates robotic style precision gearing and planetary gearboxes that can be incremented in arc-seconds, or fractions of degrees, for tightest precision and accuracy. The robo-kut performs continuous unlimited rotation without interruption, for cutting of the most complex 5-axis parts without having to stop and unwind, and includes a magnetic breakaway head to prevent damage upon a crash.

    Learn More About robo-kut

    AKS tube-kut

    The tube-kut add-on system increases processing flexibility and versatility to handle both flat plate cutting and tube / pipe cutting, while saving space and capital investment compared to a dedicated pipe & tube cutting systems.

    With an integrated servo-controlled 6th axis rotary drive controlled by the CNC Controller, tube-kut automatically rotates and indexes the tube / pipe using a headstock chuck, as the plasma torch cuts shapes & profiles in the tube wall.

    The AKS tube-kut offers:

    • Up to 12″ x12″ standard rectangular or square tube
    • 2″ – 24″ OD round pipe maximum weight 3300lb (1500kg)
    • 3 jaw chuck (round pipe) or 4 jaw chuck (square or rectangular tube) manual clamping system
    • Hypertherm ProNest® and Rotary Tube Pro® Software Module
    • AKS 2-day “Advanced Tube / Pipe Cutting Training”
    Learn More About tube-kut

    Oxy-Fuel Torch

    Complimentary cutting technology on a separate carriage, yet on the same bridge as the plasma torch. The oxy-fuel torch uses oxygen and cutting fuel gas for cutting 1/8” – 6” thick carbon steel and cannot cut stainless steel or aluminum. The oxy-fuel torch is powered by either independent servo control, or mechanical slave linkage. Also included are standard features like:

    • Auto gas control
    • Built-in auto remote ignition
    • Integrated Coolex technology
    • Digitally controlled high capacity manifold gas system
    • Pre-heating transducer and fuel gas transducer
    • Automatic settings for faster oxygen and gas pre-heating, cutting speed and kerf
    Learn More About Oxy-Fuel

    The AKS accu-kut comes standard and is fully integrated with the Hypertherm HPR-XD Hy-Definition™ Plasma Power Supply or Hypertherm XPR X-Definition™ family and torches. The AKS accu-kut is specifically designed to take advantage of the Hy-Definition™ or X-Definition™ arc beam for superior performance. The accu-kut integration with Hypertherm HPR or XPR power supply units provides Hypertherm SureCut™ technology as a standard feature.

    Learn More About Hypertherm Power Supplies

    Upgrade to
    Larger accu-kut

    As the largest available unitized plasma cutting system, the accu-kut offers accuracy and repeatability that can only be found in our precision machined platform.

    • Upgrade the accu-kut unitized chassis to larger dimensions
    • Cutting widths up to 10′
    • Lengths up to 60′ with unitized frame add-ons
    • Upgraded platform use same drive systems as smaller accu-kut machines

    Coupled with the Down Draft Table, the Smoke/Dust Collector Filtration Unit provides suction air capable of both removing and filtering the plasma cutting process smoke. It is a stand-alone unit either installed indoors, near the plasma cutting machine, or outdoors for quieter operation. The Smoke Collector unit contains a series of high capacity HEPA filters which efficiently re-circulate clean air back into your plant.

    Learn More About Smoke Collectors

    accu-kut FEATURES

    EDGE Connect
    CNC Controller

    The AKS accu-kut utilizes the Hypertherm EDGE Connect™ CNC Controller, the leading plasma cutting controls package in the industry. The EDGE Connect™ combines Hypertherm’s embedded expertise foundation with AKS Cutting Systems customization.

    • Utilizes Hypertherm Phoenix™ Operating Software
    • 19” Color Projected Capacitive Touch Screen
    • One touch access for support documentation including cutting optimization tips, consumable change instructions and diagnostic tools
    • Configurable Watch Windows™ enable on-screen real time monitoring of key process performance parameters while cutting
    • Two Year Warranty
    • Remote Help™ over the internet reduces down time and the need for on-site visits
    Learn More About EDGE Connect CNC

    • Powerful single solution CAD/CAM nesting software designed for heavy-duty industrial production
    • Increases material savings, boosts productivity, reduces operating costs and improves part quality
    • Compatible with most drawing formats with direct import of .dxf, .dwg, and CNC simple shapes
    • Uses the patented CutPro® Wizard, with database cut charts, so even new operators can be ready to cut production parts in minutes
    • Enables users to obtain optimal part cut quality with automatic nesting and automatic process optimization
    • Backed by Hypertherm’s global network of professionals for service, support and troubleshooting
    Learn More About ProNest 2019

    Machine Layout