Superior Waterjet Machine with Ultimate Performance

The water-kut x3 combines maximum performance with maximum functionality, empowering your operations with the precision, speed, and flexibility you require. Developed with AKS expertise honed for more than a century, this powerful waterjet machine is a reliable and highly accurate tool to assist your cutting needs.

Like all of our machines, the water-kut x3 is highly customizable, featuring a wide range of options to ensure it serves your precise needs. We offer multiple tools, features, configurations, and sizes to meet your exact requirements. However, your organization may not need everything we have to offer. Our team will get to know your challenges and match you with the perfect solution. Ready to discover your ideal waterjet machine? Contact us today.

waterjet machine


Motion Accuracy +/- 0.003-inch per 3-feet accuracy of motion
Travel Speed 800 ipm travel speed
Screen Size 19-inch display
Max Cut Width Up to 8 feet
Max Cut Length Up to 20 feet


Pump Options

Brand Series Pressure Horse Power Style
KMT NEO 60,000 30 Intensifier
KMT NEO 60,000 50 Intensifier
KMT Pro 90,000 50 Intensifier
KMT Pro 90,000 60 Intensifier
KMT Pro 90,000 125 Intensifier
KMT SL-VI 60,000 50 Intensifier
KMT SL-VI 60,000 100 Intensifier
KMT Tri-Line 55,000 30 Direct Drive

Table Options

Multiple Table Sizes

With multiple table sizes available, you can customize the water-kut x3 to fit your operation. Sizes available: 4’x5’, 6’x12’, 6’x20’, 6’x24’, 8’x12’, 8’x14’, 8’x20’.

waterjet machine

Additional Bladder

The bladder is a separate assembly that’s integrated with the garnet removal system. It allows you to control the height of the water, allowing you to submerge the part for quiet cutting.

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Software and Technology

Mitsubishi CNC Controller

Mitsubishi 80W Industrial CNC Controller

Enabled with Mitsubishi CNC technology, the water-kut x3 provides high productivity and easy operability.


Metamation CAM & Auto True Shape Nesting Software

Metamation’s software allows easy CAD import and design, toolpath generation, nesting optimization, and more.



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On-site Installation and Training

The water-kut x3 features 10-day onsite installation and training by a certified AKS technician.

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Two-Year New Machine Warranty

The AKS new machine warranty covers parts and labor for two years. See terms for more information.

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Easy Access to New Consumables

Participation in our Elite Edge Program offers cost savings on Hypertherm consumables and AKS service.

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Lifetime Phone Support for Easy Troubleshooting

Our customer service team covers all your service and cutting support needs. Must purchase Hypertherm consumables from AKS Cutting Systems to be eligible.