Precision and efficiency are crucial in the metal fabrication and manufacturing space. To meet these demands, businesses often turn to advanced technologies such as plasma CNC tube-cutting systems. These cutting-edge systems offer a myriad of benefits, making them indispensable tools for modern fabricators. One such system gaining attention in the industry is the AKS Cutting Systems “tube-kut.” This optional accessory stands out for its versatility, providing fabricators with the flexibility to handle both flat plate cutting and tube/pipe cutting seamlessly. Equipped with an integrated rotary axis controlled by the CNC Controller, this equipment rotates and indexes the tube/pipe as the plasma torch cuts shapes and profiles into the tube wall. This level of precision ensures clean and accurate cuts, meeting the high standards required in various industries.

The tube cutting system designed for use with a dura-kut plasma system has multiple tube supports and is able to support up to 3300lbs.

What sets the AKS tube-kut apart are its standard features tailored to enhance performance and efficiency. These include a machine tool standard servo-controlled rotary axis with a headstock chuck, servo-controlled Torch Height Control, AKS robo-kut bevel cutting system (optional), and the Hypertherm Rotary Tube Pro Software Module. Additionally, the system comes with two square/round tube/pipe supports, ensuring stability during the cutting process.

The AKS tube cutting system is available in configurations suitable for different cutting needs. For instance, this equipment for our accu-kut machine offers a two-foot-wide processing area, catering to various tube and pipe sizes with a maximum weight of 500kg (1200lb). On the other hand, the tube-kut on our dura-kut machine provides a larger four-foot-wide processing area, accommodating heavier tube/pipe sizes with a maximum weight of 1500kg (3300lb). These configurations empower fabricators to choose the system that best fits their production requirements.

Round tubing cut on the AKS tube-kut CNC plasma tube cutting system.

One of the key advantages of this equipment is its ability to streamline operations and save valuable floor space. By combining flat plate and pipe & tube cutting capabilities into a single system, fabricators can optimize their workspace and minimize capital investment. This simplicity not only enhances flexibility but also improves overall efficiency, allowing businesses to meet tight deadlines and maximize productivity.

Dura-kut style tube cutting system material supports. Heavy-duty clamshell design allows quick manual loading and unloading of material.

In conclusion, plasma CNC tube-cutting systems like the AKS tube-kut represent a significant advancement in metal fabrication technology. With their precision, versatility, and efficiency, these systems empower fabricators to tackle complex projects with ease. Whether it’s cutting intricate shapes in metal tubes or handling flat plate cutting, the AKS tube cutting system is a valuable asset for any fabrication shop looking to stay ahead in a competitive market.