Superior Quality Entry-Level Small Plasma Cutter

If you’re seeking a high-quality entry-level small plasma cutter, look no further than the PLASMATIC. Designed to deliver the highest level of accuracy with the lowest threshold for getting it up in running, this plug-and-play machine is ready to cut as soon as it’s connected to a power supply. AKS is backed by more than 100 years of machine-building experience and we’ve developed this streamlined small plasma cutter to serve your precise needs with the high-performance, high-quality machine you deserve.

Read on to explore the features of this entry-level small plasma cutter machine and contact us directly to see if this machine matches your needs.

small plasma cutter


Mation Accuracy +/- 0.010” per 3 feet of motion
Travel Speed 800 ipm
Screen Size 19-inch touchscreen with keyboard and mouse
Max Cut Depth 1.25 inches
Max Cut Width Up to 6 feet
Max Cut Length Up to 12 feet


Power Options

Table Options

Water Table

The PLASMATIC features either a water or downdraft table, depending on what your operation needs. Both of these options can help reduce smoke, dust, and noise, which creates a more positive work environment.

Plasmatic Water Table

Multiple Table Sizes

With multiple table sizes to choose from, you can customize the PLASMATIC to fit your needs. The machine comes in 5×10 and 6×12 options.

small plasma cutter
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Software and Technology

The PLASMATIC features ProNest 2023 part nesting software for advanced mechanized cutting. It’s designed to help you achieve greater automation, efficiency, and profitability. The machine can also run Shop Data Systems, an HVAC software package for anyone completing duct work. But those aren’t the only software packages the PLASMATIC runs. It also features FlashCut Smart 360 — an advanced hole cutting add-on that gives you bolt-quality holes.

The PLASMATIC also features an industrial panel operator console. This technology provides a centralized point of control, monitoring, and adjustment for various aspects of the plasma cutting process.

Additionally, the PLASMATIC has a motion system that allows for the highest accuracy, smoothest motion, and lowest noise output in its class. Its single-set-up machined milled surfaces allow for precision mounting of helical racks. It also has precision ground linear bearings. Additionally, it features precision pinions driven by dual-side planetary gearboxes and industrial stepper motors, without forced engagement from pneumatic or spring-load operations.



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On-site Installation and Training

The PLASMATIC features three-day onsite installation and training by a certified AKS technician. This can be completed by an authorized installer or by the customer.

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Two-Year New Machine Warranty

The AKS new machine warranty covers parts and labor. See terms for more information.

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