How to Determine if Oxy-fuel Cutting is Right for Your Business

In its simplest form, oxy-fuel cutting is a thermal cutting process that uses oxygen and fuel gas to cut through material. Oxy-fuel cutting systems have a wide range of benefits for various industries, but you should consider all aspects of the machine before making a purchase. Let’s dive into oxy-fuel cutting advantages and disadvantages and determine if it’s right for your business.

What is Oxy-fuel Cutting?

During the cutting process, oxygen mixes with acetylene, propane, propylene, or natural gas; this results in an intensified chemical reaction within the steel oxidation process that allows for a powerful cutting force. The flame preheats steel to its ignition temperature, which is directed at the metal to create a chemical reaction between the oxygen and metal to form iron oxide — also referred to as “slag.” The oxygen jet removes the molten slag from the material (this cut area is called a kerf), resulting in a clean cut.

Advantages of Oxy-fuel Cutting Systems

Enhanced Ability to Cut Thick Metals

Oxy-fuel cutting systems are ideal for cutting through thick metals, such as carbon steel between 2 and 6 inches thick. Plasma cutting systems, on the other hand, usually cut metals that are less than 2 inches thick.

Accurate, Straight-Edge Cuts

Because of their high accuracy, oxy-fuel cutting systems can create quality, straight-edge cuts. They’re also ideal for bevel strip cutting.

Improve Metal Strength

The high heat of the oxy-fuel cutting system hardens metal, increasing its strength and durability along the cut edge.

Improve Productivity

Oxy-fuel cutting systems can be equipped with multiple oxy-fuel torches, which increases productivity and minimizes processing time.

Enhanced Versatility

Oxy-fuel torches can cut, weld, braze, solder, heat, and gouge. Therefore, they can provide your business with a wide range of services for the cost of only one piece of equipment.

Oxy-fuel Cutting Disadvantages

Material Limitations

Oxy-fuel cutting systems are typically used to cut ferrous material — metal that contains iron. This makes oxy-fuel cutting a desirable option for working with carbon steel. However, it’s not suitable for cutting stainless steel, and is not often used for cutting cast iron or aluminum.

Continuous Purchases

Oxy-fuel torches aren’t dependent on primary power or compressed air, but they do require you to purchase gas at regular intervals.

Weighing Oxy-fuel Cutting Advantages and Disadvantages: Is it Right for You?

When you’re trying to decide between oxy-fuel or another type of cutting system, there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

What Will You Be Cutting?

The type of material you’ll work with will influence whether you should purchase an oxy-fuel cutting system or another type of equipment. If you’ll be working with ferrous materials, an oxy-fuel cutting system is the best way to go. However, if you plan on working with aluminum or stainless steel, it’s best to go with another system, like a plasma cutter.

What is the Thickest Material You’ll Need to Cut?

If you’ll continuously be working with thicker metals, you’ll save time and money by using an oxy-fuel cutting system. On the other hand, if you’re working with thinner metals, a plasma cutting system may be the better choice.

Still Not Sure What’s Right for You? Talk to the Experts

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