Get a Quality Finish with These Tips

Any thermal cutting technology — whether it be fiber laser, plasma, or oxy-fuel cutting — can leave behind slag on the surface of the cut parts. This slag is small bits of melted material that can affect the appearance and integrity of the final product. Therefore, it’s important to remove this slag before the final product goes out the door. But, how can you do this efficiently? Following these tips can help you speed up the process.

Use a Chipping Hammer

Chipping hammer

A chipping hammer, also known as a slag hammer, is a specialized tool designed for removing these pesky bits of melted metal. It features a flat, pointed tip that is effective for chipping away slag, leaving a smooth surface behind.

Grab a Wire Brush

A simple wire brush is another great tool for removing slag. Using this to scrub the surface of the cut parts effectively breaks up and removes the slag.

Use a Grinder

An example of hand grinding parts to clean off imperfections

A grinder is another tool used to remove slag. However, it’s important to use a grinder with a coarse or medium grit wheel or disk for optimal results.

Employ a Sandblaster

Sandblasters are also a common way to remove slag from cut parts. Make sure to wear appropriate personal protective equipment and to use the right type of abrasive material for the metals you’re cutting.

Look to Shot Peening

Metfin Shot Peening System – a customer of AKS Cutting Systems – manufactures shot peening systems that can clean slag off of laser, oxy-fuel, and plasma cut parts. For more information, visit

If the slag is relatively loose or superficial, shot peening could help remove it. This process shoots particles at the surface of a part with enough force to dislodge the slag. For thicker or more adherent slag, more aggressive methods are most suitable.

Turn to AKS for More Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Cut Parts

With these tips, you can effectively remove slag from plasma cut parts and achieve a professional-looking finish. However, investing in high-quality plasma cutting equipment can further reduce the amount of time you spend removing slag. At AKS, our plasma cutting systems are able to provide a cleaner cut, saving you time and money on your part processing operations. In many cases, our plasma machines provide an even cleaner finish than laser cutting machines. Want to learn more about how we can help you? Reach out to our team today.