oxy-fuel cutting

Traditional burning for heavy-duty applications

Give your oxy-fuel applications the same precision and repeatability you expect from AKS plasma cutters

AKS oxy-fuel configurations use the industry-leading torch assembly that matches our machines with reliability and accuracy.

oxy-fuel Torch Options

  • Remote Torch Gas On/Off Control
  • On/Off of individual torch selected on the controller
  • Supply of fuel, heating oxygen, and cutting oxygen gasses controlled by separate solenoid valves

Remote Torch Ignition

  • Remote ignition initiated from the controller
  • Electrically ignites small gas jet that ignites the torch
  • Eliminates need for the operator to go up on cutting table to start torches

Key Features

  • Good cut quality, low cutting speed
  • Wide range of material thickness
  • Smooth, vertical planes of cut
  • Creates metallurgically perfect oxidized surfaces
  • Carbonizing and hardening within heat affected zone
  • High heat input

AKS cutting machines can be equipped with multiple oxy-fuel torches to increase productivity and minimize processing time.



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