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The AKS accu-kut is a unitized plasma cutting system that can expand up to 60 feet with the addition of more units.

accu-kut is full-process Hypertherm SureCut™ functional.

Is your plasma cutting system SureCut™?

Stainless Steel Plasma Beveling
AKS robo-kut

robo-kut can bevel up to +/- 45 degrees with unlimited winding, offering superior contour beveling in A, V, X, Y and K cutting operations.
robo-kut is add-on for AKS plasma cutting machines.


AKS robo-kut: No Corner Loops
Robotic plasma beveling systems
Only the tuned acceleration and precision motion of the AKS robo-kut combined with Hypertherm North America #SureCut technology can produce this intricate cut with no corner loops.

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THE NEW water-kut X2 unitized Waterjet Cutting System by AKS.

Visit booth A4818 at FABTECH 2017 for LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS of the water-kut X2.

5’x10’ or 6’x12’ work envelope designed for shops that need a heavy-duty, unitized waterjet.

Available with up to a 90,000 PSI KMT Waterjet Systems PRO-3 ultra-high pressure intensifier pump.

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