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Each year, AKS is proud to recognize our top dealers with four annual awards: Dealer of the Year, Most Improved Dealer, and two Outstanding Performance awards.

In 2021, we awarded three Outstanding Performance awards, as there was a tie. This year’s recipients are as follows:

2021 Dealer of the Year                        Demmler Machinery, Cuddy, PA

2021 Outstanding Performance         Hart Machine Tool, Tuscumbia, AL

2021 Outstanding Performance         Fahey Machinery, Lake Oswego, OR

2021 Outstanding Performance         C4 Industrial, Tulsa, OK

2021 Most Improved Dealer               Millennium Machinery, Rochester, NY

Each of these organizations have gone above and beyond in  another challenging year, proving themselves worthy of these acknowledgements.


We are pleased to announce that Dan Diamond has been promoted from Service Technician to Regional Sales Manager at AKS Cutting Systems. The 15-year industry veteran and eight-year AKS team member has a proven track record of reliability, drive, commitment and technical knowledge.

Mike Burns, Director Sales & Marketing, states that “Dan has all the technical capability in the world.  He knows the AKS machines inside & out.  He also is an expert on cutting applications.  Once he gets familiar with the commercial aspects of the new Sales Position, they’ll be no stopping him.  We hope he will be as successful in Sales as he was in Service!”


Walt DeBiasi, AKS Cutting Systems Regional Sales Manager has won all three of the company’s sales awards for 2021.

Each year, AKS is proud to recognize its top Regional Sales Managers with three annual awards: Highest Revenue, Highest Percent Over Goal and Highest Margin.

DeBiasi, who has worked at AKS for more than 23 years, took top honors in all three categories. He is now a four-time winner of the Highest Revenue award, having previously earned the honor in 2015, 2017 and 2018.


Metal N Motion, Monroeville, IN, has significantly increased its capacity, as well as its manufacturing capabilities and the number of clients it serves.

After purchasing an AKS Cutting Systems tru-kut plasma cutting machine three years ago, the Monroeville, Ind.-based metal fabricating company has seen a five-fold increase in production capacity since moving from a band saw and hand torch to the AKS tru-kut plasma cutting system.


AKS Cutting Systems’ Self-Cleaning System — available as an option on the company’s accu-kut plasma cutting machine — boosts efficiency, saves time and increases workplace safety, contributing to an overall cost savings.

The Self-Cleaning System effectively removes debris from the plasma cutting process and deposits it beneath the table into a refuse drawer, which operators can roll out for easy disposal. This heavy-duty system is an operator’s dream when it comes to maintaining a clean, effective cutting table.

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News & Updates