We are pleased to announce that Dan Diamond has been promoted from Service Technician to Regional Sales Manager at AKS Cutting Systems. The 15-year industry veteran and eight-year AKS team member has a proven track record of reliability, drive, commitment and technical knowledge.

Mike Burns, Director Sales & Marketing, states that “Dan has all the technical capability in the world.  He knows the AKS machines inside & out.  He also is an expert on cutting applications.  Once he gets familiar with the commercial aspects of the new Sales Position, they’ll be no stopping him.  We hope he will be as successful in Sales as he was in Service!”

In his new role, Diamond’s sales territory includes ten states, from Pennsylvania up through Maine. Prior to the promotion, he served as a Service Technician, traveling to AKS customer locations to install machines.

“To me, this promotion means that when you work hard, your work eventually speaks for itself,” Diamond said. “AKS recognized that I constantly strived for perfection in all of my projects, from simple maintenance to incredibly involved installs. I let my work speak for itself, and I’m glad AKS recognized it and gave me this opportunity to further my career.”

Diamond, a Northeast Ohio native who recently moved to Florida with his wife, said he looks forward to learning and mastering a new set of skills as Regional Sales Manager.

“Working for AKS and its family-owned management is incredibly rewarding, and this promotion is proof of that to me,” he said. “I’m proof that hard work and never cutting corners, no matter how hard the situation may seem, will always result in the best possible outcome.”

Please join us in congratulating Dan!