Now Available on all AKS Cutting Systems Machines

An optional digital camera can be used as an alignment tool and to monitor the cutting process, ensuring accuracy and maximizing efficiency. Machine users are able to get an up-close view of the cutting process without having to step away from the operator station.

The alignment camera, an industrial IP67 digital camera mounted above the cutting station, is particularly useful on wide or long cutting tables. While watching the CNC control screen, operators can quickly and accurately align programs to any corner of a plate. An embedded crosshair is projected directly onto the camera image.

When installed on a plasma cutting machine, the camera reduces scrap, decreases set-up time and increases productivity.

Additional camera features include:

  • IP67-rated protection from dust and water
  • Replaceable protective glass lens below camera
  • Full HD (1920×1080 pixel)
  • Customizable crosshair color, size and thickness
  • Soft key to switch to full-screen mode (crosshair is automatically off)
  • Buttons to start and stop the live video feed
  • Button for single snapshot (freezes current image)
  • Button to save an image
  • Zoom slide bar (for troubleshooting purposes)
  • Option to enable/disable camera
  • Option for crosshair tick marks (provides a measurement from center of the crosshair, calculating a distance to move for alignment)
  • Displays X-Y real-world position from the camera center (cross-hair center)

Learn more by viewing a virtual tour and cutting demo.