Walt DeBiasi, AKS Cutting Systems Regional Sales Manager has won all three of the company’s sales awards for 2021.

Each year, AKS is proud to recognize its top Regional Sales Managers with three annual awards: Highest Revenue, Highest Percent Over Goal and Highest Margin.

DeBiasi, who has worked at AKS for more than 23 years, took top honors in all three categories. He is now a four-time winner of the Highest Revenue award, having previously earned the honor in 2015, 2017 and 2018.

“Walt’s performance is exceptional every year.  He is a true professional and overachieves over his goal every year.  Walt’s customers always tell me how pleased they are with Walt’s dedication to their company.  His customer relationships are first-class.”  says Mike Burns, AKS Cutting Systems Director of Sales & Marketing.

While AKS typically issues three individual trophies, this year DeBiasi received one large trophy. His accomplishments, along with the entire AKS sales team, resulted in a 22 percent increase in revenue in 2021 compared to the previous year.

“I feel very honored to receive these awards knowing that we have a terrific team here at AKS Cutting Systems and we all strive to be the best,” DeBiasi said. “I’m thankful that our company provides a quality product that allows me to team up with my representatives to provide a great product that we can stand behind with loyal current customers and new customers.”

DeBiasi’s favorite parts of the job include the independence to work with his group of sales reps, taking on and closing projects throughout the regions, as well as the close-knit, family feel that is part of the AKS culture.

“This recognition is due to great support from ownership and colleagues, and I feel very fortunate to be part of AKS Cutting Systems,” he said.