water-kut X4

massive capacity with up to 90,000 PSI

Gantry machine with high-performance, high-accuracy ball-screw design for the most demanding applications.

The AKS water-kut X4 is a CNC X-Y programmable waterjet cutting system with optional Garnet Removal and Closed Loop Systems.


  • Gantry-style bridge for ultimate stability
  • X-axis dual ball screw drives on both sides
  • Y-axis bridge ball screw drive
  • Z-axis 8″ programmable travel
  • +/-0.001″ per 3′ Accuracy of Motion
  • 800 ipm travel speed
  • Independent work table isolates thermal distortion and prevents crash/bump damage
  • Removable / replaceable slat table system
  • Laser calibrated and software compensated
  • Multiple cutting heads available
  • Built-In submerged underwater cutting with water level raise / lower control
  • Automatic Touch Probe ensure consistent nozzle stand-off height above material
  • Collision Protection Bracket (standard on TCS unit)
  • 670 lb abrasive bulk feeder hopper
  • Adjustable abrasive mini-hopper on bridge
  • MITSUBISHI CNC Controller, Motors, Drives and Components
  • Metamation MetaJet CAD, CAM and “True-Shape” Auto Nesting
  • Patented Joystick for x-y-z manual motion control


  • Sizes Available: 4′ x 5′, 12′ x 13′, 12′ x 20′, 12′ x 30′, 12′ x 40′
  • Load Capacity: 6″ thickness, full plate
  • Accuracy of Motion: +/- 0.001 per 3′
  • Travel Speed: 800 IPM
  • Pump: KMT TRILINE Direct Drive 55,000 PSI high-pressure
    Optional KMT PRO-3 Intensifier 90,000 psi ultra-high pressure pump

With a programmable z-axis and touch sensor / collision detection, water-kut X4 performance is superior to other models and brands.

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For over 40 years, KMT Waterjet has been providing waterjet cutting pumps and components to a global network of waterjet table cutting systems integrators who offer entry level to advanced, reliable waterjet machine systems that offer a clean, precise cut on time, every time. The power of water cutting has been harnessed and refined so that KMT Waterjet pumps and the OEM table systems will many materials. Cut aluminum and cut titanium as efficient as possible with KMT Waterjet Systems, bringing true value to the end user—you.

KMT Waterjet Pumps

The AKS water-kut X2 utilizes the MITSUBISHI CNC Controller for the world’s fastest and next generation of Super Smooth Surface (SSS-4G) control. The M8 Series CNC control platform ensures faster, smooth operation, along with a better finish and less scrap resulting in higher productivity and profitability.

Mitsubishi CNC Controller

Metamation Metajet is expressly developed for processing parts for waterjet cutting operations. Metamation software is included for both programming and nesting on every AKS waterjet purchase. Compatible with most drawing formats like .dwg, .dxf and IGES, MetaNEST tru-shape nesting produce the most efficient nesting configuration, optimizing material utilization and application considerations like piercing, and lead in/out.

Metamation CAD/CAM Software


Upgrade to 90,000 PSI

Waterjet cutting with ultra-high pressures of 90,000psi offers users the latest technology to maximize cutting speeds. For example, 90,000 psi cutting of 1” aluminum is 15-25 ipm while 60,000 psi cutting of 1” aluminum is 5 -10 ipm. With the latest technology from KMT in high pressure seals, cylinders and check valves, operating costs of the 90,000psi operation have never been lower, and usually cost only a few dollars more per hour than a 60,000psi operation.

KMT PRO-3 (upgrade)

  • 90,000 PSI / 60 HP
  • 0.010” orifice / 0.030” nozzle
  • 0.72 GPM cutting water
  • Options: Soft Start, Redundant, Topworks

KMT TRILINE (standard)

  • 55,000 PSI / 40 HP
  • 0.012” orifice / 0.040” nozzle
  • .72 GPM cutting water
  • Options: Booster pump

Multiple Cutting Heads

The water-kut X4 is available with dual TCS cutting heads to maximize product throughput:

  • Cut multiple parts at the same time
  • Spreader Beam implementation
  • Manually adjustable cutting distance between nozzles

TCS: Taper Control System

Allows the user to achieve the highest accuracy parts by angling and rotating the inherent waterjet taper “away” from the part straight edge. The TCS uses two additional axes of motion – angular and rotational – to maximize part edge quality and wall straightness. The result is a final part that is produced faster and with straighter walls, regardless of the thickness or composition of the material being cut.

The AKS Taper Control System (TCS) is not available on the water-kut X2.

Please review the water-kut X3 or water-kut X4 waterjet systems for more information about the AKS TCS.

AKS robo-kut

Offers 5-axis waterjet bevel cutting, including countersinking, chamfers, weld prep cutting, taper compensation capability and more. The AKS waterjet robo-kut uses the same superior technology as the AKS plasma robo-kut incorporating robotic style precision gearing and planetary gearboxes that can be incremented in arc-seconds or fractions of degrees for tightest precision and accuracy. It includes a magnetic breakaway head to prevent component damage upon a crash. It is capable of +/-45 degrees and offers continuous unlimited rotation without interruption for cutting of the most complex 5-axis parts without having to stop and unwind. It includes an automatic touch probe to provide correct, accurate and consistent stand-off distance from material, which is particularly important in 5-axis cutting to ensure correct part geometry.

GRS: Garnet Removal System

automatically and continuously removes the used spent abrasive from the main catcher tank without downtime associated with cleanout. The GRS includes a sweeper package inside the tank which pumps the abrasive out of the tank into a settlement tank liner bag which is easily removed to a waste dumpster.

CLS: Closed-Loop Water Filtration & Recycling System 

Cleans, filters and recycles all discharge water from both cooling and cutting. This meets or exceeds the recommended water quality specification as required by the KMT high pressure intensifier pump. The CLS includes a bag filter vessel, a hurricane filter vessel and a resin bag chemical exchange vessel for three-stage filtration of cutting water, plus it also includes a chiller unit for recycling of cooling water.

Automatic Touch Probe and Collision Sensor Bracket

Automatic step touch probe can be programmed at certain distance intervals to engage and insure proper nozzle tip stand-off height control and then adjusted while cutting to compensate if the work piece material is warped or not flat. The collision sensor ring can detect most crashes of the nozzle into tipped-up parts, or other items, via a circular metal ring around the nozzle tip which is pneumatically engaged and easily reset.


Work Tank Construction

  • Indicated flat registration surface for slat support
  • Slat combs are formed into an “S” curve to improve rigidity
  • Welded pipe couplers are standard to accept optional GRS
  • Heavy-duty tank design provides maximum weight capacity
  • Table tested at 35,000 lb. (16,000 kg) workpiece weight
  • Little to no deflection measurable with maximum weight load

Helical Rack & Pinion Drive System

  • Helical Rack and Pinion for low backlash and high accuracy
  • Absolute encoders means not having to home the machine every time at power up
  • Each machine is laser compensated and calibrated to ensure accuracy

Rigid Gusset Construction

  • Wall thickness of 5/16” provides ideal support and stability
  • All welded gusset plates are 5/16” thick
  • All reference surfaces for the complete base are machined in ONE SET-UP for accuracy and location

Machine Layout