When you think “Rolls Royce,” the word “quality” immediately follows.

Quality that stems from superior production and engineering, ensuring a superior product and smooth ride. It’s proven, and the performance is unmatched.

That’s the foundation of precision engineering, which means a greater ROI on any product you purchase. In manufacturing, precision engineering means a longer operating life with less wear, giving you a better-quality product and longer lifespan. It means better cuts, and the ability to create unique cuts that other machines can’t perform. It means you save money in the long run, even if the up-front investment is more.

In fact, often you can eliminate additional machines or attachments simply by purchasing one machine that meets your needs. That is possible if you ask the right questions and take time make sure your machine is built with precision and flexibility in mind.

Precision-Engineered Plasma Machines

“What’s happening at these businesses is that they are hiring a lot of these millennials, and they want to retain these employees,” said Jodie Hausotter, one of the company owners. “To do that, they are installing slides and other items to create an atmosphere of fun and games.”

Though many machines may claim to have similar parts, torches, etc., the way a machine is engineered makes all the difference in the overall performance. Purchasing a machine that’s built on a precision-engineered platform means:

  • Superior Motion Control: The acceleration and deceleration of the motion and how precise and smooth it is will maximize the potential of the torch. Motion control smoothness and motion control precise positioning are key for a better performing machine.
  • Better balance: Gantries need to be extremely balanced in order to maximize the performance of torch systems. When a bearing is on a precision-machined surface, everything is much tighter, much more exact as opposed to a machine that you need to shim things into place to level it.
  • Better residual value: Going back to the automobile analogy, a better machine resells at a higher price. With precision-engineered plasma machines, such as an AKS tru-kut, accu-kut or dura-kut system, the resale value is much higher when the time comes to upgrade.
  • Reduced waste: As a whole, precision engineering is the most efficient production process, reducing as much waste as possible. Material waste is a constant in engineering and manufacturing workplaces. Precision engineering processes reduce the amount of material waste dramatically, which leads to significant savings in both materials and disposal.
  • Highest standard cuts: With precision-engineered systems, you are able to produce the best cuts in the industry.

When making a capital investment, you want to know your equipment will last. You don’t want problems or issues, you want a machine that will last for years. Many manufacturers claim quality. It’s a nice marketing term. But how do you really know the product you are investing in is truly built on a quality platform? A sure way to find out is to ask these questions:

  1. When you push the stop button, does it instantaneously stop?
  2. Can you reposition and stop at +/- .001 tolerance with repeatability?
  3. What is the wattage of the motor?
  4. What is the resale value?
  5. Do you offer lease-to-buy options?

AKS embraces the principles of precision engineering. Everything we do is to make a better product, not the cheapest product. Our plasma platforms are capable of producing repeatable cuts that are unmatched in the business. No problem is insurmountable – talk to one of our experienced team members today to find out more or to discuss your specific project.