Waterjet Filtration

Closed Loop Filtration System

The Closed Loop System protects your high pressure pump by always supplying manufacturer specified water quality and temperature.

Closed Loop Recycling
and Filtration System

Contains system discharge water and completely cleans, filters and recycles all water associated with both cooling and cutting.


  • Eliminate the Drain Completely by recycling the water no dissolved solids are sent through your drainage system.
  • Reduce Water Consumption up to 90% of Normal Usage by reusing overflow water, water and sewage bills are significantly lower.
  • Reduce the Requirement for Make up Water Treatments by using less water and treating it before flow through the high‐pressure pump.
  • Maximize Orifice Life by reducing machine maintenance and maximizing the machine performance.
  • Protect you High‐Pressure Pump by delivering correctly treated and chilled water to your high intensity pump.


  • Closed Loop for Multiple Heads  
    Designed to filter up to 4 gpm with dual vessel bag, dual hurricane filter vessels, and dual DI resin vessels with 200 gallon reservoir for extra holding capacity.
  • Chiller System
    Designed to cool OEM high pressure pumps and the Closed Loop System, providing water cooled to required temperatures.
  • Settling Weir
    Over‐under settling system provides long settling time for removal of suspended solids and is proven to lengthen filter life.
  • Reverse Osmosis System
    Used to lower operating costs of Closed Loop System in applications where make‐up water quality is poor. Recommended when make up water is greater than 250 ppm total dissolved solids.

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