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How Do I Request Service or Support?

The AKS technical service department can be reached through phone, email, or text. You can call our service center at 1-800-962-7803, email support@akscutting.com, or text 1-216-345-6833.

Get Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Have a quick question about your cutting machine? Our frequently asked questions section may be able to help.

The error is caused by tension in the bridge; two trucks aren’t lined up across the table and they’re fighting each other. To determine if this is the issue, zero out the machine and put your hand on the bridge. If it jumps under your hand, then you have tension on the bridge. Consult the user’s guide, which provides details on how to resolve this issue.

Cutting issues are typically caused by issues with gas pressures, meaning you’re either at a high or low limit gas pressure. Make sure your consumables are in good condition and check the gas pressure. Consult your Hypertherm manual which has information on how to resolve these issues.

Our experts provide machine operations training during the machine installation process, as well as cheat sheets on how to run the machine. We also provide detailed training sessions on everything from how to turn the machine on or off to how to run a specific program. Contact your account rep for how to access this information or schedule a training session.

Bevel training takes about three days onsite to run through the process. We also offer some basic, but detailed online training sessions via a shared desktop screen.

This problem is typically caused by a broken wire. To determine the exact nature of this problem, turn on the nozzle contact to enable the diagnostic screens.

Yes. We will evaluate the issue and either repair or replace the lifter. For bevel heads, visit our Kiffer Cleveland location to repair damage switches or internal motors.

The problem could be a bad pump, pinched line, worn torch lead, bad consumable in the torch, or a bad flow sensor. For a complete troubleshooting list, visit the Hypertherm website.

This could be caused by an output point that was burned in the “on” position, which has no easy, straightforward fix. A technician will need to go through and check the point. He or she may need to reprogram it. Please call our service department for assistance by phone.

If you have a Windows XP machine or older, we offer a complete frame-up refit, which includes a new control cabinet, drives, cables, and motors. For newer computers, we can change out the drives. For older systems upgrading to a new system, an AKS technician will come to your facilities for installation and training.

AKS specifies the air supply to be clean, dry, oil-free air (consistent with ISO standard 8573-1). We also recommend using a refrigerated air dryer class ISO4. AKS supplies all required air regulators and hoses. The AKS accu-kut requires 5cfm at 90psi. AKS service recommends that for those customers who also have a smoke collector filtration unit, that a second, or different compressed air line supports the collector unit. Don’t use the compressor that is being used for the plasma. We recommend using a separate line from the plasma’s air compressor for the dust collector. Don’t use a tee joint to run lines to both the plasma table and the dust collector.

Our machines come in different sizes. When a machine is sold, we offer an exact engineering drawing based on the model and options you choose with specifications, so you know the amount of space necessary to house the machine and ancillary equipment. The drawing also includes the amount and type of power necessary to run the machine, as well as any recommended ventilation or accessories. The date you make the purchase order we send a Sales Order Acknowledgement; you sign and return it so we know exactly how it will be laid out in the plant.

Between purchase order and delivery, you will have two months to get all of the items (including electricity, water, and air) ready for where the machine will be located. There is a pre-installation checklist that we send specific to the machine you purchase. Once you complete it, our service manager will schedule a technician to arrive at your door.

The machine will arrive on a truck. If you have your own forklift, you can move the machine yourself. If not, you’ll organize a professional third-party rigger to place your machine. We recommend hiring a rigger because if it’s dropped or damaged, the rigger has insurance.

Depending on local regulations, you may need to purchase a smoke collector for your unit. These will suck the air from the plasma table into a large box-like collection chamber, filter it, and release the air to the outside.

No. Unlike laser cutting systems, the metal plates that are going to be cut by waterjet or plasma cutting machines don’t have to be pre-treated or pre-modified.

Training will review all specific safety measures to be taken during operation of your machine. In general, grounding the machine is extremely important; it has to be installed by a professional electrician. You also want to be careful and wear safety glasses to prevent you from burning your retina on the bright light of the arc. Just like any welding or cutting area, you want to have good ventilation, especially if you’re cutting coated or galvanized steel, where you’d get extra toxic smoke.

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