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Pairing Customers with the Best Cutting Systems for Their Needs

You deserve a tailored solution to address your unique challenges, and we’re here to help. We always pair our customers with the best cutting systems for their specific applications and requirements, and we work hard to develop a customized solution that truly empowers your operations.

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Hear What Our Happy Customers Have to Say

AKS: Exceptional Products, Even Better Service

“Installation and training were great,” said Todd Phillips, co-owner of Tonnage Industrial. “We were up and running within five days with minimal glitches or fine-tuning. Anything we have needed help with, we’ve been able to do over the phone with them — anything from troubleshooting the machine to helping us with programming.”

Growth Like Flipping a Switch

“It literally was like flipping a switch. It became a matter of how many workers we could get and how fast we could keep up with demand for parts,” said Eric Sorg, owner of Metal N Motion. “Within months of getting the machine, we were making in one quarter what we’d made the entire year prior. That first whole year, we tripled what we had made the year before. Just three years later, we’re at five times what we were when we bought the table.”

More than 500% New Growth

“Prior to the AKS tru-kut, our design work was all a manual process and was limited to what we could do with a bandsaw, grinder and hand torch,” said Sorg. “We went from making just a few parts to basically developing anything we could want or dream of. We’ve seen more than 500% growth and have picked up tons of customers in all sorts of different industries.”

From 50 Man-Hours to Finished in One Shift

“One job required about 50 man-hours to accomplish all the cutting and drilling,” Sorg said. “The first day that I owned the machine, we did the same work in a single eight-hour shift. For 50 hours, somebody was cutting a part and drilling a hole in it. Now we can take those skilled people and have them doing something else that’s not so monotonous while the machine does that work.”

Precise Parts Ready to Go

“We’re able to cut sheets that are 40 feet long and 10 feet wide, without having to worry about things shifting around,” AG Equipment Co. President Ken Bright said, adding that the machine’s precision and bevel attachment increase efficiency. “The parts are ready to go, coming right off the machine.”

The Best Cutting Systems Make a Real Difference — Are You Ready to Discover Yours?

If you want to experience greater efficiency, accuracy and performance, let the AKS team pair you with your best cutting systems today. We’re proud to have served our customers over the years and look forward to empowering your organization with the highest-quality machinery on the market. Contact us today to get started.

Not Sure What’s Right for You? Reach Out to Our Team

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know what’s right for your operation. At AKS Cutting Systems, we have a team on standby to help you determine the best fit for your business. Reach out to us today for an accurate quote.