Waterjet Enclosures

For Safety & Containment

Safety Guarding Enclosures Combined with Environmental Containment

A Heavy-Duty Robust & Rigid Tubular Steel Frame, 4-Wall Guarding Enclosure with Lexan See-Thru Panels on All Four Sides.

Optional Waterjet Enclosure

Available in X3 – 4’x5’ and X3 – 6’x12’ sizes only.


  • Includes 4-Wall Guarding Enclosure Mounted toward the inside of the top of the System Catcher Tank, so any splashed water is captured and drained back in the tank.
  • Encloses FULL Machine Including X & Y axes, not just cutting area.
  • Heavy-Duty Robust & Rigid Tubular Steel Frame.
  • Adjustability for Frame To Ensure Precise Location for Maximum Water Capture.
  • Two-Sided Access Doors For Material Part Loading/Unloading.
  • Additional Two-Sided Access Doors For Maintenance and Machine Access.
  • Safety Switch Connect/Disconnect Cabinet-Like Sliding Door
  • Lexan See-Thru Panels on All Four Sides
  • Includes Exterior Compressed Air Hose and Exterior Water Hose For Convenient Part Clean off.
  • Includes High Pressure Whip Design Over the Enclosure Walls
  • Three (3) Outside Emergency-Stop Buttons
  • Enclosure System is designed to allow Safe & Repeated Operator Access Between each Part Cut Cycle.


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