AKS has everything you need

There’s no need to shop around and manage several vendors for consumables. We’ve got everything you need to keep your AKS machines operating effectively.

Simplifying Your Operations

Your job is to create parts that meet your customers’ expectations and specifications. Our job is to help you do that with machines that work consistently, efficiently and at the highest level of quality. Ongoing, timely consumables replacement helps it all happen. AKS has everything you need.

Why AKS?

We partner with Hypertherm and KMT to source consumable parts that perfectly integrate with our machines, and we offer you a single touchpoint to order as the need arises. As part of our Consumables Loyalty Program, you’ll even receive a discount on parts purchased through AKS, saving you both time and money and ensuring the consumables you get are the right ones for your equipment.

AKS Cutting Systems a traditional, 4th generation, family owned & operated, Made-in-USA, high quality manufacturer. AKS is headquartered with our factory in the USA rust belt and has been a leader in the machine tool industry for over 100 years.

AKS offers our “Consumables Loyalty Program” to our loyal customers which provides them significant discounts. AKS values your loyalty and rewards our customers with this superior loyalty program. “Consumables Loyalty Program” discounts include parts, consumables, and service, an annual free torch, and annual free preventative maintenance on-site service visit and more.

Consumables Loyalty Program

For more information, please contact our AKS Cutting Systems office in Cleveland, OH and speak with our Consumables Loyalty Program Sales Manager, Mike Semrau, at 800-962-7803 or email

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