Moore Norman Technology Center purchased a tru-kut CNC plasma cutting system in the hopes of bringing their welding / fabrication program up-to-date. After researching many types of CNC cutting equipment, MNTC determined that the AKS Cutting Systems was not only the best choice, but would allow the school district to upgrade its components and stay within grant budgets.

moore norman tru kut

Established in 1972, Moore Norman Technology Center, School District No. 17 is viewed as one of the nation’s premiere educational and training institutions. MNTC is one of 29 technology centers within Oklahoma’s globally-recognized CareerTech System. With an emphasis on experiential learning and hands-on training, adult and high school students gain meaningful career and technical skills that, in most cases, lead to state and national certifications and employment.

“Since we started using the AKS tru-kut, we have sent three students to state contests and one to nationals. Your equipment has enabled our program to work more like the  real-world industrial environment our students will encounter.” 

Joshua Younger, Welding Instructor at Moore Norman Technology Center, explains. “The team at AKS was also one of the most helpful and informed staff that  we encountered in our research process. Through the installation and set-up, this team offered more support than could have ever been expected.  Their willingness to work and train our staff on the equipment has enabled us to bring a whole new level of preparedness into our program.”

Ease of operation has lessened the time spent on certain aspects within the school’s welding and fabrication curriculum.  It has also allowed MNTC to work in the community on projects that would not have been feasible otherwise.  Local business partners have noted that the acquisition of the AKS tru-kut has changed their outlook regarding the capabilities of MNTC students.

In closing, Mr. Younger stated, “we are currently looking into upgrades because the tru-kut has proven to be so valuable. Our administration is permitting us to research the Hypertherm XPR 300 technology in the hopes of a new purchase. I believe that the XPR 300 will increase our ability to meet industry standards and allow our students to be exposed to the next level of technology in the workplace.”