Molt Manufacturing in Spalding, Nebraska, is a third generation, family-owned metal fabricator job shop which specializes in design, build and repair of farm equipment, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, industrial machinery and automotive applications. For over 50 years, Molt Manufacturing has provided central Nebraska customers with welding, cutting, machining, grinding, assembly and other fabrication services.

molt manufacturing aksIn 2007, Molt took delivery of their AKS tru-kut plasma table. This AKS tru-kut is integrated with a Hypertherm HSD130 Hy-Definition plasma power supply and controlled by Hypertherm Edge Ti CNC Controller. This AKS tru-kut has a 5 x 10’ cutting envelope with a downdraft table and straight torch set-up. “The AKS tru-kut has been the best machine we ever bought.” says Bob Molt, President and Owner of Molt Manufacturing. Bob has worked at Molt since his father opened the business back in the 60’s. “Every day, for the last ten years, we run that machine constantly. It is cutting parts for us every day.”

aks molt manufacturingBob is still involved with day-today operations of the company, and now relies on his son, 3rd generation, Jim Molt, who is active in all parts of the business. “We’ve been cutting steel sheet metal to 1” thick on that AKS tru-kut every day. It just works and works and works. The folks at AKS have been great support for us, especially in the early days, but really, now, we can pretty much do everything on the machine that we need without much help.” Bob was impressed that even after ten years, when seeing AKS Chairman and retired Dale Phillip, “He still recognized me and knew my face and name right away. AKS and Molt are both family companies and I guess we both value the same things in business, that is, loyalty, fairness, and good honest work and craftsmanship.” AKS currently has its 4th generation family involved with the business just like Molt Manufacturing family owned business.

“We’ve been cutting steel sheet metal to 1” thick on that AKS tru-kut every day.
It just works and works and works.”

Next year, the Molts are thinking about trading their old AKS machine in and getting a brand new AKS machine with brand new technology. “We kinda hate to part with it, since it has been such a workhorse for us. But we would like to get the latest technology and see how it can improve our process.” One thing Molt doesn’t have to include on their new AKS machine would be an oxy-fuel torch. “We bought an oxy-fuel torch last time because we thought we might need it, but I bet we’ve only used it a handful of times. Oxy-fuel cutting is kinda out-dated and the plasma cutting capability is so much better, we just hardly ever had to use it. We definitely want to get the newest Hypertherm XPR technology and the newest AKS tru-kut design.”

For more information, please contact Bob or Jim Molt at Molt Manufacturing Co., Inc. in Spalding, Nebraska at (308) 497-2301.

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