Lone Star Grillz in Willis, TX, is a family owned business that fabricates custom and standard smokers, grills, BBQ pits, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, trailers, and related cooking equipment. Lone Star Grillz offers hundreds of outdoor products through catalog and internet sales channels, as well as modified and customized models to suit every customer’s desires. 

In 2017, Lone Star Grillz installed an AKS tru-kut 510 with HPR130XD hy-definition plasma cutting system. Chris Goodlander, company President and Owner, decided to replace his old plasma cutting table with the latest technology.

lone star grillz aks

“Plasma cutting is an obvious need for manufacturing our product and we had used an older non-hy-def machine for years. We wanted to utilize hy-definition plasma cutting technology, but we didn’t want to break the bank.”

“We thought we could use any table machine, as long as it had hy-definition, but after shopping around, we realized that not all plasma tables were equal, that’s for sure.”

“We were particularly interested in small holes, like 1/8″ diameter in 10-14 gauge carbon steel.”

 “We asked for plasma-cut samples from several plasma table suppliers, and AKS samples were the best. We compared the AKS samples and holes to the other table manufacturers. Although they all used hy-def, the AKS samples were the best quality, speed, and roundness. And AKS was easy to work with using their Texas dealer C4 Industrial.”

“With the AKS tru-kut, now we are getting “laser-like” edge finish. Even on our stainless steel parts, wer’e far ahead of our old cutting table and our competitors’ BBQ grill products.”

Chris was pleased with the pricing and delivery of the AKS tru-kut.

“The AKS machine was still reasonably priced, even including all the Hypertherm SureCut technology. The AKS machine uses the Hypertherm hy-def power supply, the Hypertherm CNC Controller, and Hypertherm ProNest Software. It’s great having the service available to us from both AKS Cutting Systems and from Hypertherm. That is important to us. We really like the Hypertherm ProNest Software.”

In a crowded market, Lone Star Grillz stands out as a high quality manufacturer offering the highest quality BBQ grill and smoker products.

“Our products aren’t cheap; they are of the HIGHEST quality, specifically for customers who demand the best. With the AKS tru-kut, we’re able to cut the best quality parts and provide our customers with the products and performance they demand.”

For more information, please visit akscutting.com, lonestargrillz.com and c4industrial.com.