Pictured: From left to right: Ed Raschen, President, AKS Dealer C4 Industrial – Jose Avila, Operator, AG Equipment.

AG Equipment Co., a Broken Arrow, Oklahoma-based producer of natural gas compressor packages, purchased an AKS Cutting Systems plasma cutter in 2021 to meet its unique needs.

The company primarily cuts flat plates that will be rolled into pressure vessels and other components for the skids and lifting. Working with carbon steel and stainless steel of varying thicknesses — from 10-gauge up to three inches thick — AG Equipment needed a machine that offers both versatility and precision, according to President Kent Bright.

“We’re able to cut sheets that are 40 feet long and 10 feet wide, without having to worry about things shifting around,” he said, adding that the machine’s precision and bevel attachment increase efficiency. “The parts are ready to go, coming right off the machine.”

Installation and Service

After initially being quoted the AKS cutting system by its equipment dealer, AG Equipment worked directly with AKS for installation, training and service.

“We’re working with the engineering group and sales group, both of whom are very responsive and attentive to our needs,” Bright said. “We had good success on the install; everyone we worked with was responsive to get it dialed in. This is the first time our guys have ever used any equipment like this. It’s easy to use, so they came up to speed very quickly.”

Thus far, Bright is pleased with AG Equipment’s investment in its AKS plasma cutting system. The AKS team’s experience in the industry and thorough understanding of the product lines allow them to provide expert guidance and recommendations to best meet AG’s needs.

“Everything has worked as advertised and the quality of the machine is very good,” he said. “Plus, the engineering team understands the product well.”