AKS Cutting Systems’ Self-Cleaning System — available as an option on the company’s accu-kut plasma cutting machine — boosts efficiency, saves time and increases workplace safety, contributing to an overall cost savings.

The Self-Cleaning System effectively removes debris from the plasma cutting process and deposits it beneath the table into a refuse drawer, which operators can roll out for easy disposal. This heavy-duty system is an operator’s dream when it comes to maintaining a clean, effective cutting table.

The accu-kut Self-Cleaning System offers the following features and benefits.

1. Durability
Unlike competitive offerings, the AKS system’s complete, heavy-duty plate floor prevents a build-up of debris on the floor of the production facility. In addition to creating a solid, more rigid table structure, this prevents small pieces of metal from getting caught in the floor, creating jam points. In addition, because the AKS unit runs continuously, there is no major build-up of hot debris, which can warp the thin plate floors of many competitors’ equipment, creating jamming conditions.

2. Ease of Use
The system requires no operator intervention to run continuously. When cutting is complete, the operator simply rolls out the refuse drawer to remove any smaller cut parts, an ergonomically-friendly task compared to fishing them out from the middle of the table. In addition, the entire tray can be lifted with a forklift for ergonomic waste disposal without any heavy lifting.

3. Dual Zone Ducts
Located on both sides, intake ducts feature high-temperature heat seals and fabricated perimeter lips that seal the individual zones well, resulting in better flow and suction, and minimal smoke. In addition, the pneumatic cylinders and hard copper piping that operate the zone doors are protected by plate steel shields that deflect any debris into the path of the drag chain flights, reducing wear and downtime situations.

4. Heavy-Duty Components
Dual heavy-duty steel mill drag chains that are continuously cleaning without operator intervention result in a much lower chance of jamming. If a jam does occur, the drive system allows the operator to reverse the direction to easily unjam the drag chain and flights, minimizing downtime.

5. Efficient Design
The drive system’s main shaft has two sprockets — one for each chain — with a central clutch system and drive motor. If a jam occurs, the clutch prevents serious damage. This mechanism is mounted outside of the cutting table so no debris is continually falling on the mechanical devices, unlike in competitive models.

6. Safe Operation
The Self-Cleaning System runs slowly, which increases safety and reduces noise levels compared to fast-operating systems. The system does not require constant lubrication, unlike competitive systems, since lubrication can cause additional smoke and potential fire hazards if not properly specified.

7. Cost Savings
Easier, faster parts retrieval and debris removal result in more efficient operation and less overall time spent. This, combined with the elimination of manual cleaning, reduces labor costs.