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The best cutting systems begin with the right training

Schools & Institutions


These educational institutions have recently purchased AKS plasma and waterjet cutting systems through our school sales program:

Moore Norman Technology Center
AKS tru-kut 5×10

Bevill State Community College
AKS tru-kut 5×10, two systems

Washtenaw Community College
AKS accu-kut 6×12 with robo-kut

Lewanee Intermediate School District
AKS tru-kut 5×10

Give your students the opportunity to learn on best-in-class plasma and waterjet cutting platforms

At AKS Cutting Systems, we understand that training and education is the foundation for a successful career in the fabricating and manufacturing industries. Our waterjet and plasma cutting systems are an excellent choice for trade schools, colleges, and other institutions desiring to offer the best cutting systems to students.

  • AKS generously partners with all types of trade schools, universities, colleges, and other Research & Development institutions to provide these educational facilities machinery to develop, teach and grow tomorrow’s engineering and manufacturing leaders.
  • The AKS School Sales package includes reduced machinery pricing for educational institutions as well as excellent opportunities for multiple software license seats for the entire classroom
  • Give your students the opportunity to learn on best-in-class waterjet and plasma cutting platforms, and give your school a competitive advantage

Contact AKS today to learn more about our education solutions.

Free Software Training

Hypertherm offers free training to educators

A key component of any software instruction is a solid grasp on the medium and the curriculum. To facilitate this need within the Hypertherm Free Software for Education program, Hypertherm offers free instructor training to provide in depth understanding of software features and capabilities.

Educators can register for free training sessions:

Day 1 Training
Full day of training covering all aspects of the included curriculum.

Day 2 Training
Half day of training covering additional modules and feature included with your software install.

Spark Something Great

2018 Educational Grants from Hypertherm

Now in its fourth year, our Spark Something Great grant awards 10 schools with a Powermax45® XP, our AWS SENSE approved “Plasma Cutting Technology: Theory and Practice” curriculum kit, and an initial visit by a Hypertherm District Manager to set up and train on the equipment and curriculum.

Deadline: April 2, 2018

Hypertherm Grant Information