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AKS Self-Cleaning System

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs with the accu-kut Self-Cleaning System

Want easier and faster removal of debris and scrap? The AKS accu-kut model offers a self-cleaning system that can do just that. With easy part retrieval, this system results in more efficient operations and eliminates costs associated with manual cleaning. Learn more about the self-cleaning system below, or reach out to our team with questions.

Refuse Drawer

When cutting is complete, the operator simply rolls out the refuse drawer to remove any smaller parts and gains access to the empty drawer. Electrically interlocked for safety, the machine will shut down while the operator removes the roll-out tray.

Safe Operation

The multi-functional status light indicates when the machine is running and when the machine has stopped, resulting in a safer workplace. The machine runs with variable speed control which increases safety and reduces noise levels

Cleaner Conditions

The system does not require constant lubrication, unlike competitive systems, since lubrication can result in smoke and create a fire hazard if not applied correctly. This creates a cleaner work environment for your employees.

Put Our Self-Cleaning System to Work for Your Business

The accu-kut self-clean model improves cutting efficiency by reducing manual intervention and downtime. This model targets the removal of slag, dross, and other debris, helping you save valuable time and money on cleaning operations. If you’d like to learn more about the self-cleaning system, reach out to a helpful member of our team.