Waterjet CNC Controller

Mitsubishi M80 Series

High productivity, usability and flexibility delivered by the breakthrough performance of the only dedicated CPU controller.

Mitsubishi CNC M80 Series

Equipped with Mitsubishi Electric’s first-ever CNC-dedicated CPU, the M800/M80 Series is the product of years of research and development and the convergence of the latest technologies.

With the outstanding performance of the world’s fastest CNC series and next generation of Super Smooth Surface (SSS) control, the M8 Series CNC control platform ensures faster, smoother operation, along with a better finish and less scrap resulting in higher productivity and lower costs.


  • CNC-dedicated CPU
    Improved cycles times due to faster program processing and more accurate machining due to a faster CNC to drive communication network
  • Intuitive Touch Screen Operation Icon-based navigation improves usability for experienced and novice operators. Improved visibility and include pinch, flick and scroll abilities like a smart phone or tablet.
  • Improved SSS Control
    Reduces machine vibration during high speed cutting and optimizes acceleration/deceleration times for each axis. This allows for shorter cutting times with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Large Capacity SD Card Expansion
    Additional memory allows for large capacity programs and graphic data, increasing the possibility to add custom screens.
  • High-speed, High-accuracy Mode
    Allows for complex, highly precise 3D beveling work without experiencing a reduction in performance.

The only dedicated CPU controller outperforms PC based systems with faster processing and seamless performance.

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