Taper Control System

Add extra precision to your cutting system

Virtually eliminate taper with our taper control system, available exclusively on AKS waterjet cutters.

Infinite C-axis rotation plus motorized tilting A-axis up to 5 degrees, with modular touch probe to automatically set nozzle height.

The AKS Taper Control System (TCS) achieves the highest part accuracy by angling the inherent waterjet taper away from the part edge. As an option on the water-kut X3 or water-kut X4 machine, the TCS uses two additional axes of motion – angular and rotational – to maximize part edge quality and straightness. The result is a final part that is produced faster and with straighter walls, regardless of the thickness or composition of the material being cut.


  • Infinite C-axis rotation with motorized A-axis tilting up to 5 degrees
  • Very stable, rigid solid billet enclosure
  • 10 inches of programmable Z-axis stoke
  • Modular “touch probe” automatically sets nozzle height for cutting
  • “Collision Detection” ring prevents costly repairs in case of tip ups
  • Work piece spray washing for accurate height sensing
  • Adjustable mini hopper to regulate abrasive amount “on the fly”
  • Sealed for protection and cleanliness



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By addressing the natural “taper” and “lag” of the jet we achieve straight parts for accurate results. This is done automatically by the C-axis rotation and A-axis angle. The values are taken from the database and applied to create opposing cones that are the compensation for taper and bending as shown in fig. 1 and 2.