Drill Head

Automatic Drilling allows for precise hole drilling when conventional plasma cutting is not suitable.

This AKS drill head option can be combined with our AKS plasma cutting or oxy-fuel cutting tables to compliment the thermal cutting operation, and provide accurate, perfectly round, drilled holes, with no heat affected zone.

AKS Drill Unit can be combined with plasma and oxyfuel cutting allowing for more work to be done on the piece part in a single handling. All processes are done in the same setup.

The AKS drill is great for those fabricators who have a nest or part with the same small holes that are beyond plasma cutting capability (small diameter, no heat-affected zone, maximum precision.) For example 1/4″ diameter hole in 1/2″ thick plate or 1/4″ diameter hole in 1″ thick plate.

  • This AKS drill system is a pneumatic feed with dual feed speed control. Fast forward speed is adjusted manually by using the forward feed adjuster valve. Drilling feed is controlled manually by Hydro Speed regulator. (Control and stabilize the feed speed during the actual drilling operation to provide reliable drilling while minimizing tool breakage.)
  • Material hold-down clamp will extend down to hold the material in place during the drilling operation with adjustable clamping pressure.
  • RPM is controlled via variable frequency drive.
  • Mist lubrication unit is mounted to the drill station for reliable and easy drilling – provides a low volume pulsed lubrication, adjustable pulse rate and no need to capture the lubricant.
  • Air Blow – quickly and efficiently clear equipment and surfaces of debris.

The AKS Drill Unit carriage can be driven by an independent y-axis drive or slaved carriage to main y-axis drive. We can install this model on tru-kut, accu-kut, and dura-kut.


  • Motor – 1.5 HP
  • Nominal Spindle speed – 1700 RPM
  • Min. Spindle Speed – 1130 RPM
  • Max. Spindle Speed – 2550 RPM
  • Spindle Stroke Max. – 7.87″ [200mm]
  • Max. Drill for Steel – 3/8″ [10mm]
  • Max. Drill for Aluminum – 1/2″ [13mm]
  • Material thickness max – 5D , where D-drill bit dia.
  • Material hold down, air blow off, and drill lubricating mister
  • To create a part program AKS uses Hypertherm ProNest Programming Software
  • To control the drill and complete part program, AKS uses the Hypertherm EdgeConnect PLC
  • The AKS Drill Unit can be activated using a CNC command in the part program. After activation, pneumatic cylinders keep a hold-down clamp in place as it pushes down on the plate before and during the entire drilling cycle. The spindle RPM and feed rate are set manually by the operator.




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Drill Head

Automatic Drilling allows for precise hole drilling