Plasma Supply Units

Hypertherm XPR plasma power units deliver X-Definition cut quality at half the cost

XPR X-Definition Plasma boosts overall performance, productivity and profitability, offering unmatched process flexibility to cut, bevel and mark metal.

AKS Cutting Systems is one of the only manufacturers to offer SureCut™ technology integration with the X-Definition XPR300 as a standard feature on our plasma cutting systems.

Available Models

X-Definition™ XPR300

With patented PowerPierce and True Hole technologies, X-definition Plasma boosts overall performance and profitability.

X-Definition™ XPR300 Brochure

HyDefinition™ HPR130XD

Incomparable HyDefinition cut quality at
half the operating costs.

HyDefinition™ HPR130XD Brochure

HyDefinition™ HPR400XD

The ultimate in mild steel plasma cutting performance with the versatility to deliver industry leading stainless steel cut quality.

HyDefinition™ HPR400XD Brochure

HyDefinition™ HPR260XD

Fast cutting speeds, rapid process cycling,
quick changeovers, and high reliability to maximize productivity.

HyDefinition™ HPR260XD Brochure

HyDefinition™ HPR800XD

The most expansive process range and
thickest stainless steel and aluminum cutting capacity available on the market.

HyDefinition™ HPR800XD Brochure

Hypertherm MAXPRO200

LongLife® air and oxygen plasma cutting system for maximized productivity, easy operation, and reliable performance.

Hypertherm MAXPRO200 Brochure

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HyDefinition™ Plasma Supply Unit

XPR X-Definition Plasma
Plasma Brochure
Download the XPR X-Definition Plasma Brochure

HyPerformance® + HyDefinition®
Plasma Brochure
Download the Hypertherm HyPerformance® Plasma Family Brochure



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