AKS Digital Camera

Optional on-screen camera for improved accuracy

The camera enables the machine operator to easily and accurately align a program to any corner of a plate while watching the CNC control screen.

The Alignment Camera is particularly useful on wide and/or long cutting tables.

The optional add-on includes an IP67 digital camera mounted above the cutting station.

The stand-alone application* reduces scrap and setup time while increasing productivity.

Key Features

  • Industrial IP Camera
  • IP 67 rated protection from dust and water
  • Replaceable protective glass lens below camera
  • Full HD (1920×1080 pixel)
  • Embedded cross-hair is projected onto camera image
  • Offers up to 64 selectable crosshair colors
  • Cross hair size and thickness
  • Soft key switches to full screen crosshair
  • Buttons for the start-stop live video feed
  • Single snapshot/freeze current image functionality
  • Zoom Slide Bar (For troubleshooting purpose only)
  • Save image
  • Option to able/disable camera

*This application is not part of the Hypertherm Phoenix software. The camera application overlays soft OpCon on the Edge Connect CNC, and does not affect the Phoenix software or the operation of the machine.


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AKS Digital Camera

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