Through the AKS cutting systems educational sales program, Washtenaw Community College received an accu-cut 6×12 plasma cutting system with the industry-leading robo-kut 5-axis robotic bevel cutting head.

Spotlight: Washtenaw Community College

AKS, Hypertherm, and Rick Snyder, Governor of the State of Michigan, were on hand for the Dedication Ceremony.

The Welding Lab features the latest in Plasma Cutting Technology, including the new AKS Cutting Systems accu-kut.

During the ceremony, Dale Phillip, AKS, and Stephen MacDonald, on behalf of AKS and Hypertherm, handed over a donated hardware and software package valued at over $250,000 to the college.

Rick Snyder, Governor of the State of Michigan, Dale Phillip, Chairman AKS Cutting Systems, and Stephen McDonald, North American Sales Manager Hypertherm, were in attendance at the dedication of the new Welding Lab.

Located in Ann Arbor, MI, the Washtenaw Community College program study in booth “Advanced Manufacturing Systems” and in “Apprenticeship Studies” works closely in articulation with the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University.

The Welding & Fabrication Principles Certificate program prepares students for entry-level jobs involving gas welding and arc welding, as well as various combinations of plasma arc cutting processes, including air plasma and hy-definition plasma cutting, where they work under the supervision of experienced welding technicians and teachers. The program also gives students a foundation for WCC’s Advanced Certificate in Welding Mechanics.

The courses have a focus on the plasma arc cutting process utilizing the AKS accuk-kut with the 5-axis AKS robo-kut integrated with the Hypertherm HPR260XD.