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plasma oxy-fuel cutting

Plasma or oxy-fuel cutting: which is best for your job shop?

By Walt Debiasi

Plasma or oxy-fuel cutting: which is best for your job shop? It all depends on several factors, including the type of metal you need to cut, thickness of material, and cost. For thicker metals, an oxy-fuel is typically the better way to go, while precision cutting of stainless and aluminum makes plasma the ideal tool. Understanding the key differences between the two cutting technologies is crucial in knowing which to use. Here’s a quick primer.


plasma cutting technology aks

Deciding between plasma, waterjet or laser technology for your operations can get overwhelming.

By Stan Pollack

Each cutting technology has a long list of pros and cons. However, the most important considerations are your long-term needs and your customers’ needs. Each cutting technology has critical differences, ranging from material and application limitations to cost considerations. We frequently get asked about the differences between lasers, plasma and waterjet cutting machines, so here’s a quick overview.

Plasma, like lasers, cuts through materials faster than waterjets. Unlike lasers, plasma can cut through very thick materials. However, since plasma cuts with heat, there is a significant heat-affected zone on materials, so some sort of secondary finishing is required in many cases. Waterjets leave a perfect finish on the materials they cut since they do not cut with heat, so there is no heat-affected zone and no metallurgical changes occur in the material being cut. Additionally, waterjets usually cut with far higher precision than plasma, +/- .003 to +/- .010 versus +/- .005 to +/- .030.


plasma waterjet machine aks

We often get the question, which machine should I buy — a plasma or waterjet?

By Miles Mooneyham

We hear it frequently from customers trying to navigate the many advantages offered by each cutting technology. The answer depends on a variety of factors ranging from the types of materials you’re cutting to precision requirements.

The key is understanding the nuances of each technology and mapping them to your customers’ own unique requirements. As a starting point, we’ve put together the following primer to help you better understand the capability parameters of plasma and waterjet technology.


hypertherm amp cutting process

Introducing our new plasma cutting process using 220 Amps of O2/Air, for mild steel, including ProNest and other software enhancements. These updates offer:

• Better cut quality
• Faster cut times
• Maximized consumables life
The three-part update includes:
• XPR Firmware
• Phoenix Controller Software
• ProNest Software

Software updates, new cut charts, and instruction manuals are available on the Hypertherm Xnet.

Or contact AKS Cutting Systems sales or service for installation assistance or more information.

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