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When fabricators understand the ins and outs of downdraft table dust collection systems, employee health and safety improve.

To manage the fumes produced from the plasma cutting process, a downdraft table is an efficient and effective solution. But, it also needs to be attached to a correctly designed dust collection system for it to do its job. 


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Molt Manufacturing in Spalding, Nebraska, is a third generation, family-owned metal fabricator job shop which specializes in design, build and repair of farm equipment, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, industrial machinery and automotive applications. For over 50 years, Molt Manufacturing has provided central Nebraska customers with welding, cutting, machining, grinding, assembly and other fabrication services.


The AKS accu-kut is a unitized plasma cutting system that can expand up to 60 feet with the addition of more units.

accu-kut is full-process Hypertherm SureCut™ functional.

Is your plasma cutting system SureCut™?

Stainless Steel Plasma Beveling
AKS robo-kut

robo-kut can bevel up to +/- 45 degrees with unlimited winding, offering superior contour beveling in A, V, X, Y and K cutting operations.
robo-kut is add-on for AKS plasma cutting machines.


AKS robo-kut: No Corner Loops
Robotic plasma beveling systems
Only the tuned acceleration and precision motion of the AKS robo-kut combined with Hypertherm North America #SureCut technology can produce this intricate cut with no corner loops.
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News & Updates