Stan Pollack, Regional Sales Manager, is a 47-year industry veteran who began working at AKS Cutting Systems in 2001.

Prior to joining AKS, he held positions with Rexnord Corp., Acme Cleveland, ACE Automation, Cyclone Industries, and then Kiffer Industries Inc., of which AKS is a subsidiary.

Stan Pollack, who holds both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in English, is a U.S. Army veteran who served as a captain; company commander of the 77th HEMC in Karlsruhe, Germany; and assistant battalion material officer of the 81st Maintenance Battalion in Mannheim, Germany.

Mike Semrau, director of AKS Cutting Systems’ Consumables Loyalty Program, is a 32-year industry veteran who knows the value of hard work and quality machines.

After graduating from high school, Semrau completed a four-year apprenticeship program with a local Cleveland machine builder. After earning his Tool & Die Journeyman’s papers, he took classes for Quoting/Estimating and soon went to work for Kiffer Industries — parent company of AKS.

After working in the industry for some time, Semrau went back to school and earned an associate’s degree in mechanical design.

Dan Diamond, a service technician at AKS Cutting Systems, believes working for the company has allowed him to reach both professional and personal goals.

The Northeast Ohio native, who learned CNC manufacturing at Lorain County Community College where his father taught the subject, has worked in the industry for 15 years, spending the last seven years at AKS traveling to customer locations to install machines.

Diamond’s favorite thing about the company is its leadership and the fact that it is family-owned.


Walt DeBiasi, AKS Cutting Systems regional sales manager for the southeast and north central regions, has been with the company for more than 23 years. A valued employee that is the epitome of dedication, DeBiasi saw a long-term future at AKS from the beginning.

DeBiasi is no stranger to hard work. After his father passed away when DeBiasi was a senior in high school, he attended community college but ultimately felt it wasn’t a good fit for him. He instead decided to work his way up through an industry, starting in shipping and receiving at a third-tier automotive lighting company. DeBiasi moved into expediting, then was promoted to inside sales, eventually managing several large accounts, including General Motors, Ford, Valeo and Sylvania.

“That’s how my career has always been,” DeBiasi said. “I always wanted to strive to be better, to be the best. As I progressed, I always thought, “What’s my next level? What can I do better? How can I grow?”

nova automation aks cutting

NOVA Automation, in Denver, CO, is known for solving complex automated packaging challenges.

For more than 25 years, NOVA Automation has manufactured innovative solutions in automated packaging systems for a wide range of industries including bulk foods, mining and materials, lawn and garden, building materials, agricultural seed and feed, pet food, produce, and chemicals and plastics.


hypertherm amp cutting process

Introducing our new plasma cutting process using 220 Amps of O2/Air, for mild steel, including ProNest and other software enhancements. These updates offer:

• Better cut quality
• Faster cut times
• Maximized consumables life
The three-part update includes:
• XPR Firmware
• Phoenix Controller Software
• ProNest Software

Software updates, new cut charts, and instruction manuals are available on the Hypertherm Xnet.

Or contact AKS Cutting Systems sales or service for installation assistance or more information.

radius hdd aks

Radius HDD, Weatherford, TX, Owner & President, Riff Wright, founded the company over 15 years ago as a specialty tool design supplier to the rock & earth drilling industry.

Today, Radius HDD offers a multitude of tools and drilling products for the HDD industry (Horizontal Directional Drilling) from:

  • Standard products like bits, blades, housings & swivels, cutters and rock drilling bits, reamers and hole openers
  • New design creative products designed from scratch to meet specific customer needs
  • Repair of existing drilling tools like pilot tools, hole openers and reamers, including evaluation & inspection and replacing failed or damaged cones, rebuilding worn areas, hard-facing application, replacing cutting teeth, and thread repair.


hypertherm xpr 170 aks

Introducing the newest member of the X-Definition™ family, the Hypertherm North America # XPR170 mechanized cutting system.

More Hypertherm information:  X-Definition™ XPR170

plasma cutting technology aks

Section 179 $1,000,000 Write-off Available in 2018

Tax incentives for manufacturing companies increased by $500,000 for the 2018 tax year.

Financing and leases qualify for the same incentives as new or used equipment purchases with a $1 buyout.

Bottom line: write off the entire purchase of an AKS plasma cutting system or waterjet cutting table.


newell machinery aks

Newell Machinery, Hiawatha, IA, is one of the largest and most experienced union millwright contractors in Iowa.  Newell has more than 100 years of milwrighting experience with thousands of successful projects with exceptional custom millwright products services and solutions, serving a wide variety of agricultural industries including animal food, powerhouses and boilers, food processing, industrial, chemical, precision machine setting, robotic packaging, mining and quarries, and steel mills.  Since 1900, Newell Machinery has grown from providing mill supplies and wooden elevators to an industry expert and leader in millwright design, manufacturing, and service. 

Newell also designs and builds its own products, and services and installs a wide range of specific floor and overhead conveyors.  With over 40 years of experience, Newell has installed miles and miles of conveyor all over the US, including project work, preventative maintenance work, ongoing maintenance contracts and emergency breakdown service.  Newell Machinery manufactures conveyors, steel bucket elevators, belt conveyors, and screw conveyors. Other products include associated platforms, staircases, ladders, safety cages and more. Services include engineering and design services, millwright construction and maintenance, and metal fabrication.


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