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This interactive experience highlights available options and features of the AKS dura-kut Plasma Cutting System:

  • Designed for longer, larger, and thicker plate cutting
  • Independent table frame and gantry-style bridge
  • Modular and expandable lengths
  • Down-draft or water table
  • Multiple plasma cutting heads with oxy-fuel option
  • robo-kut and tube-kut optional

Experience this dura-kut Interactive Experience for yourself.

AKS is excited to announce the addition of Lane Stabile to our sales team. Lane joins as the Midwest Regional Sales Manager responsible for AKS system sales in the states of Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan. He will work closely with Duane Allen through the next couple of months as Duane transitions to retirement. Lane will support our existing AKS Dealer Network and AKS Customer Installations in the territory, as well as be a part of our overall AKS Marketing activities.

Lane Stabile has over 10 years in the metal manufacturing industry including increasing responsibility roles as CNC Machinist & Programmer, Draftsman, Salesperson, Service Technician, and Service Manager. In particular, for the last 5 years, Lane’s been directly involved with the plasma cutting industry in a competitive position as a U.S. Service Manager for a leading North America plasma table manufacturer. Lane’s direct experience in plasma cutting applications, plasma cutting hardware & software, and direct customer interface and management, should position him well to succeed in his new role in Sales.

H&W Tool Co., a family-owned tool and die company that provides services to the aerospace and medical communities.

When they needed new waterjet cutting tables at its plants in Ohio, New Jersey and Virginia they turned to AKS Cutting Systems.


aks dura-kut cutting system

AKS dura-kut

The dura-kut gantry-style plasma cutting system with independent table and motion system. Widths up to 30 feet and virtually limitless lengths. Designed for larger and thicker plate cutting.

The dura-kut is manufactured to machine tool standards and is built for maximum precision, repeatability, flexibility, durability and longevity. Using the latest precision drive systems for high-speed, high-accuracy, heavy-duty plasma cutting.

aks greenway and associates

The AKS team had the honor of attending the 2021 Greenway and Associates Open House in Orange City, Iowa this week.


AKS is thrilled to announce the addition of Carol Woods to our sales team. Carol joins as the West Coast Regional Sales Manager responsible for AKS system product sales in the states of Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. She will support existing AKS dealer networks in those states while securing additional new dealers in the territory and selling directly to areas without dealers.

Carol brings with her the expertise and knowledge stemming from 16+ years of experience in the plasma cutting industry. She has advanced through competitive sales positions, consistently leading the industry as Sales Representative, Automation Product Specialist and Sales Manager. Carol also has a professional background in marketing, with responsibilities including internet sales of light industrial plasma tables, brand creation, website development and e-commerce, and social media development.

bridge squaring plasma table aks

It’s common knowledge that precision is one of the main advantages of plasma cutting systems.

However, it is important to take steps to maintain that precision in a few key areas, including bridge squaring.

digital camera aks cutting system

Now Available on all AKS Cutting Systems Machines

An optional digital camera can be used as an alignment tool and to monitor the cutting process, ensuring accuracy and maximizing efficiency. Machine users are able to get an up-close view of the cutting process without having to step away from the operator station.

tilt overtravel aks

Tilt overtravel – where a plasma cutting machine’s bevel head goes beyond 45.7 degrees – is a fairly common issue that, fortunately, is easy to correct.

Tilt overtravel rarely occurs when a machine is running a program. Usually, it happens during a new installation or between uses.


precision metal manufacturing aks

Precision Metal Manufacturing (PMM) is a small, American, U.S. veteran-owned fabrication business located in Mesa, AZ.

Sean Derivan, Owner and President of PMM, has been in the fabrication business for his entire career, starting out in a small fabrication shop in Ohio more than 30 years ago.


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