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Congratulations to Demmler Distributors, recipient of the 2019 AKS Outstanding Performance Award.

Thanks to the Demmler team and our AKS sales team for making 2019 another record-setting year!

AKS Cutting Systems recently presented the 2019 AKS Most Improved Dealer & Dealer of the Year Award to C4 Industrial Inc.

Congratulations to everyone at C4 Industrial Inc and the AKS team for all of your hard work!

Thanks to the C4 team and our AKS sales team for making 2019 another record-setting year!


March 23, 2020

Dear AKS Cutting Systems Valued Customers and Friends:

The recent events to hit our nation are unprecedented. The Covid-19 pandemic has stressed our nation’s systems in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, education, and just about every facet of our daily lives.

AKS Cutting Systems has been diligent about following new safety protocols and precautions in our office and factory, including all of our personnel, both factory-based and field travelers. On March 22, the Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine, issued a “Stay-at-Home” order, effective March 23 through April 6, in which all non-essential businesses must close and employees stay home.

AKS Cutting Systems provides “manufacturing, distribution and supply chain products for critical production involving waste collection, agriculture, energy, and the tech support industries,” as described in paragraph 12(v) of the Governor’s Order. Therefore, AKS, and its parent company Kiffer Industries, are an Essential Business and Operation and will remain open and continue business operations, while still practicing the social distancing requirements and other precautions as described in paragraph 15 & 18.

AKS is committed to supporting our customers and supporting our nation’s critical manufacturing industry segment. For over 100 years, since 1912, our company has been “Made-in-the-USA” and is proud to continue to support our nation and its citizens. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you.


Mike Burns
Director, Sales & Marketing
AKS Cutting Systems



  • Mike Burns: 2019 #1 Regional Sales Manager, Highest Revenue
  • Mike Burns: 2019 #1 Regional Sales Manager, Highest % of Goal
  • Chris Phillip: 2019 #1 Regional Sales Manager, Highest Gross Margin

Thanks to all of our AKS dealers and all of our AKS sales team for making 2019 another record-setting sales & revenue year!

Thanks to all of our customers and colleagues for stopping by. It was great to see you!

Additionally, a big thanks to our awesome sales team, engineering, and service staff for making the show a huge success.

The end of 2019 is fast-approaching, and it’s time to consider the tax implications for capital equipment purchases.

Highlights to Section 179 tax deductions for business:

$1,000,000 Write-off Available in 2019

  • This applies to new and used equipment, as well as some software manufactured by Hypertherm.
  • Equipment must enter service during 2019.

$2,500,000 limit on equipment purchases

  • Your deduction will be reduced if you exceed this amount.

100% Bonus Depreciation

  • Applied after the spending cap is reached.
  • Available for used and new equipment

How it Works

In the past, if your company bought equipment, the value would be depreciated over several years.

With Section 179, your business can realize full-value depreciation in the current tax year, which can have a huge impact on how companies budget for capital purchases.

So, most businesses will be able to deduct up to $1,000,000 in 2019, as long as they do not spend over $2,500,000 on equipment leases or purchases.

Financing and leases qualify for the same incentives as new or used equipment purchases with a $1 buyout.

Bottom Line

Most customers can write off the entire purchase of an AKS plasma cutting system or waterjet cutting table.



Celebrating 10 Years as the Original 5-axis Plasma Beveling System.

We introduced the AKS robo-kut 10 years ago, and it’s still the industry standard and best plasma beveling system available.

The AKS robo-kut produces clean, accurate weld prep bevels including Top and Bottom +/-45° Bevels, Top-Y and Bottom-Y, K and X Bevels with unlimited winding and rotation.

When combined with the Hypertherm XPR300 and SureCut Technology, robo-kut can achieve a 1/2:1 bolt hole to plate thickness ratio.

Learn more about the AKS robo-kut plasma beveling system and XPR300 integration with SureCut™ Technology.

Integrity Fab & Machine, Inc. is a steel fabricator and machining company located in Breckenridge, Michigan. Integrity specializes in custom die sets, plates and parallels, and also offers certified welding and fabrication services, including plasma cutting, rolling, bending and related operations.


Next Stop: FABTECH 2019

November 11-14 in Chicago

Visit AKS at Booth A4936, where we will be exhibiting three plasma cutting systems and one waterjet cutter.

For more information about attending the show with AKS, please contact your AKS Sales Representative.

FABTECH 2019 Show Information


AKS Cutting Systems will be at EASTEC 2019, May 14-16. This year’s show is in West Springfield, Massachusetts

Find us at Booth 1846 where we will be exhibiting our X2 Waterjet cutting system powered by KMT Waterjet.

Contact your local sales representative or dealer if you are interested in attending the show.

We look forward to seeing you at the show.


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