Metamation Software

Programming and Nesting Control

Increase productivity through optimized nesting and cutting routes using Metamation CAD/CAM waterjet software.

Metajet is designed exclusively for the waterjet operator.

Waterjet CAD & Nesting Software

Metamation Software is included for both programming and nesting on every AKS waterjet purchase. Compatible with most drawing formats like .dwg, .dxf and IGES, MetaNEST tru-shape nesting produce the most efficient nesting configuration, optimizing material utilization and application considerations like piercing, and lead in/out.

  • Any cut quality (color) can be used on all cut profiles
  • Material cutting database is supplied with each pump configuration
  • Each cut quality has it’s own speed, C-axis rotation, A-axis angle, offset, acceleration, deceleration (C and A axes are the TCS option)
  • Estimator shows cut time, number of pierces, pierce cycle time, positioning time and total cycle time
  • True shape nesting allows for best sheet utilization
    – Sheet management
    – Fast Post Processing
    – Simulation for sequence checking



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