Abrasive Removal System

Continuous processing of spent garnet

Designed to continuously remove exhausted garnet abrasive to eliminate cleanout downtime.

Custom fit sweeper system constantly moves abrasive out of the tank, maximizing waterjet productivity.

Automatic Abrasive
Garnet Removal System

Continuously removes the used spent abrasive from the main catcher tank without downtime associated with cleanout. The GRS includes a sweeper package inside the tank which pumps the abrasive out of the tank into a settlement tank liner bag which is easily removed to a waste dumpster.


Sweeper Package Configuration
Sweeper Packages are specifically designed for all models of AKS Cutting Systems waterjet machines.

System Purge
Abrasive is purged from the system constantly. Spent abrasive is deposited into easy-to-manage bags or recycled original garnet bags.

Abrasive Disposal
Spent abrasive is removed at the same rate at which it enters the catcher tank. Spent abrasive is relatively clean and void of parts larger than 1/8” diameter.


  • Maximizes Productivity by eliminating down time for catch tank cleaning.
  • Reduces the Possibility of Thermal Distortion by removing the abrasive from the table, heat from the machining process is dissipated.
  • Reduces Closed Loop Consumable Costs by removing the abrasive the filtration system can concentrate of treating the water rather than removing the abrasive.

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